File Uploads - Tax Returns


When you upload your documents directly to us, we can process your tax applications faster.

If uploading more than 5 documents, the documents must be placed in a .zip folder. 
Follow the instructions below to get started.

If you're uploading fewer than 5 documents, you may directly upload the files by clicking the Upload Button.


What you need:

  1. 1. A Desktop/Laptop (to create .zip folders)

  2. 2. Customer Number

  3. 3. Full Name

  4. 4. Email Address

  5. 5. Zip Folder with all the relevant documents


Add your files into the Zip Folder

  1. Step 1: Add your files into the zip folder.

  2. Step 2: Name the folder in the following way:
    First Name Last Name - Customer Number. e.g. if your name is "Chris Hemsworth" and your customer number is "chris1004". Folder name should be: Chris Hemsworth - chris1004

Not sure how to create a Zip Folder?

WikiHow provides a quick & easy step guide on how to create one for both Mac & PC users.


Steps to upload your files:

Once your zip folder is ready and named appropriately, follow the steps below to upload your documents
  • Step 1: Click on the "Upload Files" Button

  • Step 2: Click the choose files button to upload from computer

  • Step 3: Select your zip file from your computer

  • Step 4: Complete the fields for name and email address

  • Step 5: Click the upload button to submit the documents

  • A confirmation email will be sent to you once the upload is confirmed.

Upload Files

Important Information

Once the ATO pre-filling reports are available (for most this is early August) then we will email you with a draft income tax return containing the information we have already been provided with (this will generally include):
Salary & wage income
Superannuation & pension income
Interest income
Managed Fund Distributions (not normally available until September/October)
Private Health Insurance
HECS Debts
PAYG Instalments paid
If we prepared your tax return in the prior year we will also email you a check-list of deductions we claimed in that year to use as guide for the current year.  You will then need to provide us with your details of your actual deductions and other items that we don't pick up through our ATO reports such as:
Work related expenses
Capital gains
Rental income & expenses
Once we receive these details from you via return email, including confirmation of your income, we will finalise your return and then email back to you for your approval with a declaration for you to sign and our invoice. Please note, if you are receiving a refund you will also need to provide us with your bank account details.